Anger as woman urinates on Spitfire display.

A London in bloom display in Rainham was set up to celebrate the 76th anniversary of VE Day. The display proudly stands outside of the Tesco branch where shoppers can see tributes to our soldiers in the form of floral displays and murals to remember the poignant day.

Yesterday, to the horror of one of the display organisers Sue Ospreay, a woman was caught urinating on the Spitfire display in broad daylight. Sue told the Havering Daily:

“We have suffered two lots of vandalism. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the woman literally pull her pants down and urinate over my Spitfire display.

“When I challenged her for the reason why she did this, her response was ‘well I’m banned from the store.’

“I guess that makes it okay for her to do this awful act then does it?”.

The woman then went on to abruptly challenge Sue and ask her in very rude terms what she was going to do about it.

Sue continued:

“We have had enough of vandals like this blatantly disrespecting our community. We must stand together and fight against people like this who clearly have no respect for anyone or anything.”

Sue and Jackie McArdle are two community champions across Havering who really dedicate their time helping their community and its residents. The ladies work with endless charities and are always organising events in Rainham for the benefit of the local residents.

The floral display where the woman was caught urinating in broad daylight.

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