VIDEO: Remembering Ricky-the brightest star in the sky.

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the death of Ricky Hayden. Ricky was murdered outside of his own home in Marks Gate as he tackled thieves trying to steal his brother’s moped. In the horrific struggle, Ricky had his leg macheted and as a result of this injury, sadly died in hospital a few days later.

Ricky’s family have never been the same after his death and never will be again. He was a huge bright light in their life and now that light has gone out forever and the family struggle everyday to come to terms with his death and the brutal way his life ended.

Sue Hedges, Ricky’s mother spends her days campaigning against knife crime alongside her daughter April, in the hope that no more lives are taken by the horror of knife crime. Yet everyday we read about further incidents where more families will weep for another young man murdered.

Sue told the Havering Daily:

“As a family we wouldn’t want to focus on the last time we were all together as it is very heartbreaking for us. It actually was at Cruz’s first birthday party two days before Ricky died.

“This year we paid tribute to Ricky yesterday at Cruz’s 6th birthday. We miss Rick more and more each year, him and my mum are now missing out on family events which is so sad. The loss of Ricky has devastated our family, left us heart broken and we will never recover from this. We struggle day by day to pick ourselves up and keep focused on the future because we know it is what Ricky would want.”

This family is broken, their lives are broken and their hearts are broken, they don’t really live they just survive and do the best that they can for others around them. Ricky was their brightest light and now that light shines down on them from up above where Ricky watches over over them.

Knife crime is a pandemic on our street, the police do the best that they can but no one else seems to care.

Orange balloons being released by Ricky Hayden’s nephew Cruz at his sixth birthday party over the weekend.
The brightest star in the sky-Ricky Hayden.

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