Council Leader’s statement on the climate pledge report.

Councillor Damian White, Leader of Havering Council said: “Looking at the recent report published by the IPCC, It is quite clear that important decisions need to be made at COP 26. We only need to look at the changeable weather and the fires in Greece and California to see how serious this is. 

“Here in Havering we are also seeing how climate change is playing a part in weather events like storms and flooding.

“We all have a part to play in supporting the government’s commitment of being net carbon neutral by 2050. 

“With this in mind, we will make a commitment to do all we can to make sure we are more ambitious for the council to try and reach this by 2040, or before if possible. 

“We are currently reviewing everything the Council does and will publish a climate action plan in November on how we will meet that commitment.

“It will also set out what we are already doing. 

“We also have a leadership role to play and we have aspirations that the borough – which includes businesses, partners and others  – also meets this by 2040. 

“We will therefore launch the Havering Climate Challenge where we will work with these partners to see how we can meet this together. 

“It is vital to me that making meaningful change to battle climate change is something everyone has a stake in and that many of those steps are affordable for all.”

“I know some will ask us to go further and call a climate emergency. Many have done this and have done little to follow it up. 

“For me it is about taking action and setting out how we will achieve our commitments which is what we will do with the launch of the Havering Climate Challenge.

“This is why, instead, we will go a step further and sign up to Amazon’s climate pledge which aims to meet Net Carbon neutral by 2040. 

“We will be one of the first public sector organisations to do this and it asks that we measure and report greenhouse gas emissions on a regular basis.

“For me this feels more a tangible commitment. ”

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  • 17th August 2021 at 2:28 pm

    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is essential to life on earth. Humans and all creatures can’t breath without it, and its the food plants ‘breathe’ to make them grow, so more CO2 in the atmosphere results in bigger harvests. Naturally occurring and variable CO2 is only about 0.04% of the atmosphere and the man made bit is only about 12% of this or 0.0048% of the atmosphere, and as the natural CO2 is variable it makes the man made bit irrelevant, even if, for sake of argument, CO2 determines climate, which it doesn’t.

    Take a look at the solar system and everything, its beyond the imagination really, but its that giant ball of gas in the sky, the Sun, that determines climate. The Sun is a million times bigger than earth, is millions of miles away and has been burning for billions of years, at constant but variable temperatures. The earth is located just right to sustain life, whereas Venus is too hot and Mars too cold, but the earths climate varies according to the heat output of the Sun, hence earlier ice ages, which can return, as can warmer weather, albeit the forecast is colder weather due to an impending Grand Solar Minimum.

    The reason some special interest groups and religious fundamentalists blame humans is it provides an authoritarian excuse to control human behaviour and governments and impose extreme measures, whereas if you blame the Sun there is nothing for it but build the infrastructure needed to deal with changes in climate and extreme weather. And there has always been extreme weather as even Noah said, it never used to flood like this when I was a boy!

    This is why man made climate change, promoted by a range of special interest groups, including the nuclear power and weapons lobby, is elementary nonsense, and only human vanity and partisan aims explains why so many believe our puny efforts can make the difference, the same vanity that once led the early church to believe the Sun revolved around the Earth,

    In short climate alarmism, and corona-alarmism, is the new old time religion for many careerist politicians and perhaps in view of the alarmism they promote, they would be better advised to consider saving their souls rather than the planet, which is beyond human control.

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