Rainham residents angry at cancellation of two buses that are their vital lifeline.

Residents living on the Abbey Wood Lane estate and nearby roads in Rainham are angry at the cancellation of their two buses that provide vital support to the local community.

The 165 and the 287 have been cancelled until the 20th of August due to the ongoing sewage repair works by Essex and Suffolk water that have also caused a diversion for vehicles in the area.

Local resident Stephen Madden contacted the Havering Daily, angry at the cancellation of the buses, he said:

“There are many elderly people living on the Abbey Wood Lane estate and these buses are their life line. The next bus stop is a a good 15-20 minute walk away. Many of them use this bus route to go to Tesco to get their shopping, how are they supposed to walk back an additional 20 minutes carrying heavy shopping bags?”

Mr Madden has also written to Transport for London asking them to provide a hopper bus in replacement for the cancellation of the two buses.

“How can they just cancel our buses like that? They provide a vital service to our community.”

The 67 year old, learned about the bus cancellation on Monday, after walking to the bus stop himself.

“I was due to meet my friend and walked to the bus stop as I always do. When I got there I saw the sign that informs people that buses have been cancelled from 9.00 am until 17.00. The Freedom passes start after 9am, what are we supposed to do?

“Elderly people have only just started to go back out after the lockdown periods, I don’t go out too often and I am quite fit but that walk to the next bus stop knackered me.”

Locals are now having to go to the A1306 New Road bus stop before they can access a bus.

The Havering Daily has contacted Transport for London and we await their response.

The sign at the Abbey Wood Lane bus stop informing locals of the two bus cancellations,
The Transport for London notices.

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