Mr Jones’ jesting continues.

Leo Jones continues his jesting with more roundups of the recent stories published in the Havering Daily.

An exceptionally quiet week on the political front. No one, apart from a very informative pod cast from Mr Cruddas, is ready to stick their heads above the parapet just yet. Mr Rosindell is probably on a long awaited holiday and we’ve not heard from Mr Prince since the ‘old King died’. Though, I would have thought the current Mayor of London must have done something recently, to upset either of them? Even Julia Lopez has dropped out of site, but don’t worry, she’s due back mid-August for a site visit. And Mr White, he’s gone back to lounging on his deck chair. Good luck to them all. Not being in politics, part of the establishment, a rich b’stard or a sportsperson, I’ll just have to wait until I’m allowed to fly when and where I want to…. without having to change plans at the last minute, or just after arriving, and then having to quarantine on return.

Rainham residents angry at cancellation of two buses that are their vital lifeline. 

This is a difficult situation facing many of us who have to rely on public transport to get around. Unfortunately, the road where the works are taking place is closed at the point where the buses need to run for the return journey to the Brewery. Surely it’s not beyond the realms of possibility for TfL to allow the buses to execute a three point turn at the junction of Abbey Wood Lane and Berwick Road, thereby returning back down Briscoe Road and turning left into Thorn Lane at that junction, instead of turning left into Thorn Lane from Berwick Road.  It will be interesting to see TfL’s response to the Havering Daily’s request. But, their response to my suggestion will be met with, ‘It’s too dangerous’. Really, you mean our bus drivers can’t reverse, or, someone may get run over by a big red bus they can’t see. Ok, so why not just turn right into Thorn Lane from Briscoe Road and terminate there. At least it wouldn’t be as far for the elderly to walk back to Abbey Wood Lane as it is from the New Road stop. Or, are we oversimplifying the problem for TfL?

Mum moves to Havering to escape violent area has son beaten up in park.

So the CCTV is not working in Harold Hill, not unexpected, it’s not Romford Town Centre, it’s not con controlled, so it doesn’t really matter. Be interesting to know what lame excuse the council will trot out as to why it wasn’t working. For all of the CCTV systems I have worked on, councils are very ‘hot’ on any failures. Maybe this council is an exception. No, I won’t get started on that. However, this failure would be an ideal situation for our Crime and Disorder Sub Committee, (CDC), without ‘Silly’ Miller, to actually get down and earn the fat cat pay they receive for very little effort. Instead of pontificating and just paying ‘lip service’ to the roles they occupy, why not discuss the crime related realities that are occurring in our Borough and actually put forward genuine proposals to resolve them. Two new PTZ, (Pan Tilt & Zoom), cameras were installed at the junction of Ardleigh Green Road and Squirrels Heath Lane, (con controlled ward), to record anti-social behaviour allegedly caused by college students. Was the CDC involved in that, probably not? So just what do they actually do for their money? And even more disgraceful, what have they done to discuss and resolve knife crime since the tragic death of Jodie Chesney in a Harold Hill Park over two years ago? Answer, other than to make feeble minded comments about articles in The Havering Daily, BA, FA & NA. But, they have certainly got richer in the process! Earn your ‘Queen’s shilling’, get the CCTV working and do something positive for the people of Havering. If you can’t, step aside and let someone who will!

Residents pull together to tackle overgrown gardens for disabled owners.

What a wonderful story regarding the volunteers who helped to clear the gardens of their disabled neighbours. It just continues to prove that there are always people out there who are prepared to give up their time to help others in need. Looking at the before and after pictures, it certainly looked like hard work and the ‘finished product’ looks superb. A well done job.

It is also saddening to know the local council were not prepared to help, especially given the circumstances. However, where there’s will, there’s a way. Even Mr White would have got involved as he has done so previously. Quite simply, just complain to the Council about the overgrown gardens and in a very short space of time, the owners will have been served with a warning letter under the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014, Sections 43 to 58, stating, ‘forthwith/by/within 28 days, To clear the gardens of all bushes/vermin and keep tidy.’ The officers involved wouldn’t know all the details, so when the gardens are not cleared, the owners will be taken to court and after a successful prosecution, Mr White will be able to crow just how good his officers are. Sometimes, Mr White, they don’t always get it right. What I would suggest, before the council starts criticising private property owners, is to make sure their own properties are in a safe and habitable order, first.

The Havering Daily Podcast.

What a very informative podcast from MP Jon Cruddas. Unlike a couple of others at the start of the podcasts, this was totally low on waffle. Instead, Mr Cruddas very clearly laid out the facts about the creeping ‘over development’ in Havering, particularly in South Havering. Many of you will recall the comments from Messrs Rosindell, Prince and White, about how it is the fault of the current Mayor, (not the local Mayor), for all the new housing developments that are on the drawing boards. In reality, whilst the Mayor does have some say in what is happening, it is the government who are steamrolling this through by way of changes to the planning laws.

Still, it’s very safe to say the above trio will keep blaming Mr Khan for the problems, because they don’t want to upset their ‘puppet masters’ on this one. Also, they really don’t care because they probably couldn’t win a seat in South Havering even if they were the only party standing. However, they must be given a chance to redeem themselves. Perhaps, Messrs Rosindell, Prince and White can tell us what new supporting infrastructure is going to be put in place for all the new residents? Answers on a postage stamp please.

It is so easy to see how politics is a dirty business when Mr White, during his failed, bid to become an MP, was able to change the circumstances surrounding the proposed redevelopment of Dovers Corner by quashing the proposed plans. What is more worrying, having failed to become an MP, will he now be spiteful and allow the development to go ahead? Probably, it’s just a question of what drivel he will use to justify putting it back on the agenda again.

HRA Councillors distance themselves from ‘Silly’ Miller.

Very pleased to see Elm Park HRA Councillor’s, Stephanie Nunn and Barry Mugglestone distancing themselves from the turncoat ’Silly’ Miller. Unfortunately, there is no distance far enough in this case. One could be forgiven for thinking Miller had every intention of ‘jumping ship’ when she stood for and was elected as a RA Councillor. In order to do so, she befriended Stephanie and Barry then ‘stabbed them in the back’, pun intended, knowing all along it was her intention to accept the ‘Queens shilling’. If those sort of thoughts were in her head then, it is little wonder she had no conscience when it came to making the crass comments she did in a recent Crime and Disorder Committee meeting, about knife crime.

I am sorry that Stephanie and Barry, through no fault of their own, have been dragged into this abhorrent situation created by ‘Silly’ Miller. Hang your head in shame Sally. If that’s how you obtain friends, I wouldn’t want to be one of your enemies – care to comment? As I said previously, you should resign, and apologise to everyone, especially to Stephanie and Barry.

Not had any response from DW and his ‘merry men’ about the complaint yet. Maybe they are still on holiday, or more likely, trying to come up with a way to absolve ‘Silly’ Miller of any blame. Probably in the exact same way they ‘acquitted’ DW of his alleged Gerrymandering scandal by way of some minor technicality that allowed them to simply sweep it all under the carpet. Fortunately, in the next local elections, residents in the Hyland and Harrow Lodge Ward will have the opportunity to dump her as a ‘one-term wonder’ when she is parachuted in to replace a conservative councillor, who will jump and ‘retire’ early, before being pushed. ‘Silly’ will then have plenty of time to reflect on the mounds of dirt piled high in the Ward, having been dumped there as part of the remains of the old Harrow Lodge Sports Centre.

Strange, how the council were happy to accept volunteers from Wates Residential for a clean-up action day in Rainham Village recently. Plus, they want it to become a regular event across the borough by inviting local groups and residents to join them on future litter picks. The council employs Street Cleaners, and they work very hard trying to clear up the rubbish so many inconsiderate people drop, but they still want to rely on volunteers to help. Maybe, just maybe, the council could consider returning some of that help, by volunteering ‘themselves’, when residents such as those mentioned above, are unable to clear their own properties. Come on Mr White, what a perfect photo opportunity and points scoring exercise that would be. We promise to get you a nice new, different coloured Hi-Viz vest so you stand out in the crowd when the photos are taken. Any particular colour?

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