EXCLUSIVE ‘My heart is broken for him’-mum moves to Havering to escape violent area has son beaten up in park.

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A 16 year old boy was left with a broken nose and cuts bruises after being beaten for no reason as he sheltered from the rain in Harold Hill.

The shocking incident happened last Thursday 5 of August, as the teenager left the skate park to take cover from the rain with his friend near Lidl on Gooshays Drive.

His mum Zoe told The Havering Daily:

“We moved here just twelve days ago from Enfield as I didn’t want my children growing up in a violent area. There had been seven stabbings in one night there and I worried for my children, so I decided to move to Havering in the hope that my children could be safer and now this happens.

“My son suffers with Aspergers and keeps himself to himself. He doesn’t know anyone in the area and had gone out with his brand new scooter that he bought with his pocket money.

“He went to the skate park at Central Park and recognised one of the boys there from the day before so began talking to him. When it began to rain, my son and his friend went to shelter nearby Lidl.

“He was there with his head down waiting for it to stop raining when this man came out to him and started punching him. He punched him in the sides and then started punching him in the head and face. My son thought he was going to be robbed so he told his friend to run.

“His friend started running and the man then caught up with him and began punching him before he could run away.”

The 16 year old was left covered in blood and shocked by what had happened.

Zoe continued: “A lady in a car saw the state of my son and stopped to see if he needed help. She even volunteered to drive him home which I’m really grateful for.

“I came to collect him and I took him to Queen’s hospital Accident and Emergency. We were told it was a two hour wait so we waited. The whole place was a shambles, they told us their computer systems were down, there were between 80-100 people there waiting in cubicles and it actually took twelve and hour hours for us to be seen.

“My son has suffered a broken nose that he now needs to have a general anaesthetic where it needs to be completely reset. We have been here for just twelve days and my son has suffered this horrific attack. My heart is broken for him. Moving here I was hoping for the best and to be able to bring my children up in a less violent community.

“I have been told that there are CCTV cameras there but apparently they are not working. That is disgusting.

“When cars drive too fast they set off speed cameras because money is made from them. Yet vital CCTV cameras in parks and nearby areas that are needed to keep our children safe, don’t work. We don’t have park wardens any more so these cameras are essential for protecting our children.

“We need to be protecting our children.”

Zoe’s son after the horrific attack last week.

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