Dagenham and Rainham MP calls for Voter ID policy to be abolished.

In the recent Queen’s Speech, the Government formally announced their plans to introduce mandatory Voter ID at the next election. This policy requires voters to present photo ID to vote at polling stations in future elections. 

Labour have called on the Government to urgently rethink the policy, raising concerns that the policy will reverse decades of democratic progress and threaten to bar millions of people from exercising their democratic right to vote. 

Since this policy was first announced in December 2016, the Government has received multiple warnings from charities, civil society figures and campaign groups that mandatory voter ID – if rolled out nationally – could pull up the drawbridge for millions of voters.

Jon Cruddas MP said: “Millions of people lack photo ID in this country – in particular the elderly, low income and Black, Asian and ethnic minority voters. The Conservatives are reversing decades of democratic progress and urgently need to rethink this pointless policy. In the coming weeks I will be carrying out a survey to find out what my constituents think about these plans. The reality is that the Tories are attempting to price people out of democracy and it is a disgrace.”


2 thoughts on “Dagenham and Rainham MP calls for Voter ID policy to be abolished.

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  • 28th June 2021 at 12:55 pm

    In principle there is no argument against showing ID when voting, to protect our precious votes, but in practice its another measure like the many New Labour reforms, intended to undermine democracy in the name of defending democracy aka its the usual dishonest communist “doublespeak” promoted by New Labour and now New Conservative!

    This is because only a handful of voters have been caught, at polling stations, fraudulently voting and even less have been prosecuted for doing so. in other words its a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist but will disenfranchise those without, for whatever reason, the necessary identification – and so will harm democracy.

    The actual part of the voting system wide open to fraud is postal voting. It never used to be but New Labour and now New Conservative promoted mass postal voting without the need for ID, hence why it was described by a High Court judge as worthy of a banana republic.

    In other words if Conservative or Labour genuinely wanted to deal with voting fraud they would revert back to postal voting ONLY for those people, for whatever reason, unable to attend a polling station on polling day.


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