Rainham community champion calls on Council Leader to please give them spare land.

Local community activist Sue Ospreay called on the Leader of the Council, Councillor Damian White to please give them the land next to the Rainham allotments that was promised to them two years ago.

In response, Councillor Damian White is going to visit the area and chat with Sue and other members of the allotment about the amazing work they are doing there for the community and the issue of the land next door to them.

Sue told the Havering Daily: “The field next to the allotments is landlocked and no good for anyone else. It was promised to us ages ago and now I am calling on the Leader of the Council to please hand it over to us so we can put it to good use.”

Sue and her colleagues at the allotment have worked tirelessly to make the allotments a great community base for locals.

She continued: “There is a fantastic community spirit here, we do incredible amounts of work with locals.

“Monday’s we have a nursery that come and visit, Tuesday we have an autistic group, we run a gardening club, we have many local schools visit us. This really is the place to be, it is great not just for your physical health but for your mental health as well.

“We are the only place in Havering to have been entered for the Britain in Bloom awards after winning the London in Bloom. We are also preparing a very special VE Day celebrations that will be shown virtually to our community.”

Sue is a fantastic community champion who dedicates her time working on endlessly projects to make her community better.

She finished: “Please Councillor White give us this land, we will put it to good use for the local community. I am overjoyed that he is going to come and visit us here and see all the work we do for ourselves.”

Sue Ospreay asking for the spare land next to the allotments.

2 thoughts on “Rainham community champion calls on Council Leader to please give them spare land.

  • 3rd June 2021 at 1:46 pm

    Local councillors commend Sue’s efforts and all those involved in the growing Melville Road allotment community and certainly agree the registered, but unused, allotment land needs to be cultivated, as there is a shortage of allotment land in the south of the borough.

    The Council Leader did promise to include this unused allotment land in a new contract when he stood as a candidate in the last General election and I’m informed the paperwork will be included when the new borough-wide contracts are progressed.

    However its certainly a big turnaround as a few years ago the Council tried to quietly build houses on the land after getting agreement from the Hornchurch Allotment Society (of which the Melville Road allotments are affiliated) to let this land go in return for some other enhancements.

    Fortunately a local allotment activist James Green, alerted local councillors and following a campaign to increase the waiting list this was halted by the Local Government Minister, as allotment land is protected land and can only be de-registered if clearly superfluous to requirements, which it wasn’t, and this scare resulted in Melville Road allotment holders becoming a stronger independent group to avoid such an attempt being made again.

  • 3rd June 2021 at 8:50 pm

    I genuinely trust Mr White keeps his word and will deliver the extra land when the new borough wide contracts are renewed. Does anyone know when this will occur? Also nice to know Mr White will be attending the site to discuss the issues. Let’s all hope for a successful outcome. PS. Don’t forget the photographer!


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