All Coppers are not bastards.

‘All coppers are bastards’ is the fashionable sign being branded at the majority of the current protests we are seeing. They were seen at the Sarah Everard vigil in Clapham Common two weeks ago and the ‘Kill the Bill’ protests we are witnessing across the country. It really is the latest piece of fashion accessory, a must have for everyone who wants to be photographed and considered the ultimate street icon of our society.

For those proudly sporting this sign, I dedicate this piece to you. My first thought is that they must know every police officer in our country to brand them all bastards which is quite an achievement really considering there are thousands of them. I wonder in what capacity they have met all these officers.

Perhaps they have been our streets when these officers are desperately trying to save the life of a teenager who has been stabbed and is lying on the pavement bleeding to death. When the officers are doing everything they can to save the life of another young person, stabbed for no reason, whilst his mother watches in horror.

Perhaps they have met them when the 999 call comes out that there has been a road traffic accident where a driver decided to take a short cut and mount the kerb and killed a small child in the process. Were they there with their placard whilst these officers had to deal with the parents who have just lost their daughter because of this act of reckless driving?

Perhaps they met them at the scene of a mother and baby hit by a speeding car and thrown over a bridge onto a train track whilst her baby laid face down not breathing. Were they helping these officers pick up the pieces of this nightmare scene?

Or maybe they met all these officers at the scene of a terror attack in London where bodies lie all across the floor as the result of a this attack and our officers are running in, not knowing what they will face and if they will return home them selves.

Chances are quite high that those holding those placards were not at any of these events and would not have the ability to be at any of them. But guess what? Those police officers you are abusing actually were and actually dealt with these horrors that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Just to set the record straight, most coppers are actually heroes, there’s your new slogan. They put that uniform on each day not knowing what they face and if they will go home at the end of their shift. They are the ones that run head first into danger, not the ones that throw verbal abuse or hurl items at the police then run like cowards.

Most of us will deal with two or three traumatic incidents in our life, these officers deal with between 400-600 in their working career. An unimaginable impact on a person.

Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of the murder of PC Keith Palmer who died protecting those who have introduced this new bill that you are abusing our officers for. PC Palmer ran to protect others, unarmed facing a man with a sword.

PC Andrew Harper would have been 30 years old yesterday, another life tragically taken.

Once again I repeat, most police officers are heroes who put their life on the line every single day protecting us.

The ACAB placard is disgusting and so are the people holding one. Perhaps your placard should read ‘All Coppers are BRAVE’ instead.

One thought on “All Coppers are not bastards.

  • 23rd March 2021 at 4:03 pm

    All police are heroes ? Say that to Sarah Everards family or any one who has suffered injustice at their hands ! Some are good some are not your article is incredibly damaging to people who have genuine grievances with them and your bias is nauseating . Whilst we all recognise that police do a valid job for society we should not blanket idolise them for their choice of career .


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