Elm Park Councillors take on the fight against parking officer and win.

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Elm Park Councillors Stephanie Nunn and Barry Mugglestone have been fighting a resident’s corner in their ward. In December 2020, a resident in Egbert Close, Dunningford Chase, who was parked outside their own house where there are no yellow lines and no offence committed, was issued a PCN for no reason. 

Councillor Nunn and Councillor Mugglestone took up their case and told the Havering Daily: “This PCN was unjust and I thank the parking challenge officer for upholding this appeal.   Good news you think, so did we, but incredibly the same enforcement officer decided he knew better than the appeal team and yes you guessed it, he issued more PCNs.  This was despite the resident showing the enforcement officer a copy of an email from the council giving them permission to park there.   The resident advised us that the officer said that we had misled him and gave wrong information to the council. So it appeared like the film Groundhog Day. “

Angered by this parking officer, the two Elm Park councillors carried on their fight.

“Once again we wrote to the appeals management team to ask about the PCN and also the alleged statement. Well, once again the PCN was cancelled and in the email it confirmed that the residents can park outside their houses in this location and we wondered if there were any more errors.  The Council made the following statement:  

“I can advise that we have carried out a search on more recently issued Penalty Charge Notices in Egbert Close and cancelled those where the vehicle was parked outside the owner’s address.”  So I must thank them for checking for any other PCNs that had been issued. 

“Regarding the issue of the enforcement officer making alleged statements about us misleading the council, we got the following reply: 

“The Civil Enforcement Officer HGxxx has stated that at no time was it his intention to imply that anyone was issuing false information and apologizes if this seemed to be the case, but he was just trying to carry out his duties and was not fully aware of clause 86(3) in the Traffic Management Act 2004.

“All Civil Enforcement officers have now been reminded of this clause and the Enforcement Manager will continue to monitor the use of this contravention.” 

Councillor Mugglestone finished by saying: “Hopefully now the residents of Egbert Close on the Dunningford Chase estate can park in peace, as always we will defend the residents who we represent.”

One thought on “Elm Park Councillors take on the fight against parking officer and win.

  • 23rd February 2021 at 11:50 am

    My thanks to Barry and Stephanie for their sterling efforts in continuing to fight unjust tickets issued by overzealous Parking Wardens. These officers employed by the Council are supposed to know the Parking Contravention Codes before they are let loose on the community. It would be interesting to know the Contravention Code used on the PCN as this would indicate the reason for the issue. It is a well-known fact that over 90% of PCN’s issued are incorrect due to not fully complying with the Codes of Conduct; yet 98% of people pay the charge because they consider it isn’t worth the hassle of appealing. As a result, Councils, and private parking companies for that matter, will continue to issue incorrect Parking Notices because of the revenue generated. If everyone was to appeal a parking ticket, the system would go in to melt down as they couldn’t cope with the influx. Unfortunately, Utopia doesn’t exist, it’s anything for a good life, and if it costs a few quid, sobeit. I once offered to appeal on behalf of drivers at my place of work, who received a ticket. If I got the ticket cancelled, it cost them half. Made a few bob out of it… So, maybe it’s worth everyone appealing and saving themselves a few bob too!


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