Romford resident desperate to move as her 9 year old autistic son shot with pellet gun.


A Romford mum is desperate to move home following on going anti social behaviour issues including drug dealing and her 9 year old autisitic son being shot with an air pellet.

The mum, who did not wish to be named for fear of reprisals, lives on Regarth Avenue in Romford near the cut through bridge. She told the Havering Daily: “The issues here are ongoing. There are drug dealers that work openly here. We find axes on the floor, needles everywhere, its awful. My son is autistic and he was outside the front recently collecting stones when someone on the bridge passed by and shot him with a pellet gun.

“The fence panels get broken everyday by people running away from the police. The drug addicts hang about on the bridge and can look into my son’s bedroom window. I’ve had to move him now as he can’t sleep at night and is having counselling treatment at school as a result of all these issues.

“There are homeless people living in tents across the riverbank, the problems are huge here as the road is a dead end except for the bridge. It really is ridiculous the problems we have and no one says anything as we are all too scared in case we get attacked.

“The crack house along our road was recently raided and now they have been moved. Yet my son and I are desperate to move and no one seems to want to help us.”

The Romford mum is at her wits end now, living in constant fear and looking over her shoulder.

“The police do the best that they can, but people here are just too scared to report the real issues that go on. Something needs to be done now, we can’t live like this, it’s ridiculous.”

Cannabis farm raided along Regarth Avenue.

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