The Hornchurch and Upminster Rotary Club fundraising for First Step.

Rotarians are renowned for their charity and community activities. However this year things have been very different. The Hornchurch and Upminster Rotary Club have not been able to hold the annual Fete on the Green, Big Band night, Sponsored Walk, the annual Christmas Float road collections and static collection in Upminster, or their Christmas event for older residents.

To ensure they can continue to support the community they will be taking the float out on a couple of evenings but not collecting door to door or static. Instead, they are inviting residents to support their campaign and make a donation on their fundraising page for First Step and their dedicated programme Building Family Resilience.

Families need First Step at a moment of crisis, uncertainty and fear over the health, behaviour or development of their child. With little or no warning, they are thrust into a world that they are simply not prepared for.  They face and suffer from a whole set of challenges which have been compounded further this year by COVID-19. This places immense pressure on the core of the family unit; self-imposed or imposed unintentionally by society. 

Through intensive support, initial assessment, one-to-one tailored support, family support sessions and peer support, families are helped to learn about their child’s condition, they are also provided with a package of support for their young child, a development plan for the whole family and support in how to access financial support through the Disability Living Allowance and other essential benefits. 

If you would like to support The Hornchurch and Upminster Rotary Club and the amazing support First Step provide, you can make a donation here:

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