‘I had been sick so many times they told me I was ripping my insides out.’

Yesterday marked the start of anti bullying week. As part of this week’s campaign,the Havering Daily spoke to Elise from Collier Row a victim of such severe bullying that it has left her scarred for life.

Elise’s bullying began when she started secondary school and lasted throughout most of her schooling life.

She told the Havering Daily: “It began at school, I was overweight and I faced constant ongoing bullying. I was called ‘Miss Blobby’ and many other really nasty names everyday. They were nasty. I had very low self esteem, I hated myself, it was awful. Bullying that damages you for the rest of your life.

“When I left school at 17 years old I went into hairdressing and met this guy that I really liked. However, I soon discovered that he was seeing me but had a girlfriend as well. It made me feel physically sick and I was. From there, I realised that I enjoyed the feeling of being sick and I developed Bulimia. Luckily my mum recognised the signs straight away but I also then began having panic attacks and other problems.”

The bullying Elise endured for so many years left endless emotional and physical scars.

“I had to have lots of surgery as I had many stomach problems. I had been sick so many times that they told me I was ripping my insides out if I carried on anymore. They also told me that it would be really hard for me to have children or to carry a child due to the stomach issues I had.”

Despite the endless challenges Elise has faced, with strength she managed to turn her life around and is now happily married.

She finished: “I really hate bullies, they ruined my life, they put me down and tried to destroy me. But I’m now married and have two children. I fear for them now, it really worries what they might face. Bullies are very nasty people.”

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