Mum shocked to see man with hands down his trousers as children played nearby.

A Brentwood mum of two was horrified to see a man with his hands down his trousers near where her son and his friend were playing. The shocking incident occurred last Friday 4th of September in Raphael’s Park in Romford as the mum visited the park with her children.

The lady who did not wish to be named, told the Havering Daily: “I went to the park just after 11 am with my friend and her children. We sat on the grass as our two boys played on the bandstand a few metres in front of us.

“We were watching them all the time when we saw this man appear from behind a tree. He began staring at the boys and then suddenly I saw he had his hands inside his trousers. I said to my friend, ‘is he doing what I think he’s doing?’.

“I immediately went towards him and shouted at the boys to come over to us. As I walked towards him he pulled his hands out of his trousers and showed me his hands as if to say he wasn’t doing anything and then walked away towards the trees.”

Upset with what had happened, the mother of two called the police straight away.

“I didn’t want to make a big issue out of it and upset the boys as they were unaware of what had happened and were still playing. I called the police and they called me back fifteen minutes later to let me know someone was on their way but no one came. We waited over an hour and when I called them again they said a note had been put on the file to say I had said not to attend which is not the case.”

The police have now taken the lady’s statement and further action will be taken.

“I just wanted to warn other parents to be careful in case this man does the same again. You don’t know if this is stage one and he might progress to something else.”

The man is described as a Asian Male in his 30’s with longish, scruffy hair wearing a trucker baseball cap with a white front. He wore a black tracksuit, the bottoms had a side stripe and he wore slider shoes and no socks.

If anyone has seen the man or had a similar experience please call police and quote reference number KGRT 00364854.

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