Hornchurch single mum to pay £130 each month in travel fees to get her son to school.

A single mother of three from Hornchurch will now have to spend £130 a month in travel fees to get her son to school following the removal of free travel for under 18 year old’s.

The removal of free travel for teenagers was one of the conditions given to Transport for London following a Government bailout earlier in the year. The scheme is believed to commence as from October this year.

The Hornchurch mother who did not wish to be named is an NHS keyworker and struggles to make ends meet without now adding the additional cost of travel expenses to get her son to his school.

She told the Havering Daily: “I applied for Travel Assistance as we live over three miles away from the school and my application was rejected. I don’t have a lot of money as it is, I have a mortgage to pay for and my son’s uniform is also expensive.

“My son goes to Campion school and has to go into Romford to get a bus back into Hornchurch to get to his school. It takes him three different buses from where we live.

“The decision to remove free travel for under 18 year old’s is going to make it very hard for families. After the difficulties with the recent pandemic, many people have lost their job and are struggling to make ends meet. Additional costs like these add more pressure on struggling families. It’s sickening really.”

The Hornchurch mum has now been in contacted with Keith Prince, Havering’s Conservative GLA member who is helping her get the travel assistance she needs to get her son to school everyday.

“My son needs to get to school and to pay £130 a month in travel expenses to get him there is unbelievable. It is always people like us that suffer the consequences. More and more families will now suffer,” she finished.

2 thoughts on “Hornchurch single mum to pay £130 each month in travel fees to get her son to school.

  • 2nd September 2020 at 9:56 am

    Very clever article that gives a fictional fare, an NHS worker that for all we know, could be a surgeon, and no information on how single she is. I know plenty of single mothers that live with someone, but for good copy, class themselves as single.

  • 2nd September 2020 at 4:25 pm

    A monthly bus pass is £80 so that’s save her £600 a year already.
    A single bus fare is £1.50 and that should cover all 3 buses each way. So £3 a day 20 school days a month is £60, another £20 saved. This woman needs serious help is household budgeting not more tax payers money.


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