“I have campaigned over the last four years since my son was stabbed to death to make people aware of the rise in stabbings.”

Over the weekend we saw a further nine stabbings with three being fatal. Yesterday a 14-year-old boy was stabbed in Old Dagenham Park.

Today Suzanne Hedges writes in the Havering Daily following the tragic death of her son Ricky Hayden who was stabbed to death outside of his Romford home in 2016.

I have campaigned over the last four years since my son was stabbed to death to make people aware of the rise in stabbings in this country.

Over the weekend in London three people have been stabbed to death and have lost their lives on our streets.

I feel the government and the Mayor of London are not concerned and are not bothered. They have done nothing to physically reduce the epidemic.

As a family, we go through the daily torment of seeing yet another family heart broken due to a stabbing of a member of their family.

The government are not interested in the victims families. We haven’t received the support we needed after the murder of my son. But the criminals get everything, support, a roof over their head rent free and three meals a day.

I am now fighting to survive due to not being able to work as the loss of my son has brought on anxiety, paranoia and panic attacks and my mental health is suffering.

A scrap book Sue has made for her murdered son Ricky.

I am fed up with the governments promises to help decrease the knife/gun problems on our streets. They have actually done nothing . The justice system is still a problem. When these criminals are arrested by the police, they are then given cautions for carrying knives and walk out of court back onto our streets terrorising not only the youth of today but everybody else and perhaps even carrying out further stabbings.

I have pounded the pavements of London including going outside Downing Street and London Bridge with the victim’s families who have lost family to knife/gun crime. However, I feel that nothing has changed.

The horrific murder of Ricky Hayden has left a family and community in total shock.

It didn’t matter what religion, colour or nationality, we all stood united fighting for a change and still stand united. I just hope the racial tension at the moment will not stop us campaigning as one.

We fight for knife crime awareness and to keep our fallen angels memories alive forever.

The scrapbook in memory of Ricky.

2 thoughts on ““I have campaigned over the last four years since my son was stabbed to death to make people aware of the rise in stabbings.”

  • 15th July 2020 at 1:21 pm

    i was there that night i lost my son ..

  • 2nd October 2020 at 5:27 pm

    Sorry does not help but I am so sorry for your suffering/pain that only you feel, I never thought Harold Hill would be a place to fear, no way did I ever imagin that I would feel threatened/scared walking past 5 13/14yr olds most wearing hoodies with a look of NO FEAR/NO RESPECT in their eyes,doing,saying & acting like they run our streets, (& What!) Its a case of “Cant beat em join em” for most of these teens & this has built up over the years to a point where covering their face wearing a hoody and not forgetting to be tooled up (carrying a knife) is normal. !!!! It should never have gone this far, the government should have been on It in every way, using every part of their brains to nip it there and then, the way they do when they have big meetings sugesting how to benifit themselfs, New development sites are being filled with out of the area families causing more tention & pushing the kids to start forming a little gang, Once these gangs are out on the streets its allowing them to grow from a child into PURE EVIL,the outcome of leaving this, Ignoring the signs, letting this go on & not seeing it as a future concern is what we have now. shame to say its getting worse, we live in a dog eat dog” Its either You or me, die a hero world. THEY HEAR OUR PLEA” THEY TOO CAN SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING. they will get out of this world what they put into this world. I pray to god soon this knife epedemic/pandemic ends. id love to see happiness/trust/love/support &empathy in this nasty world the government built.


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