Romford man writes children’s book to help children understand about Covid and lock down.

A public sector worker from Romford struggled with how to inform his child about Covid 19 in a way that they would understand.

Alongside other parents, James had difficulties trying to explain to his children why they couldn’t go to school or out and about as they did.

So he set about writing a book called ‘Reggie the rhino’ to help children understand the virus.

James told the Havering Daily: During the lockdown, some friends of mine were telling me that they were finding it hard to explain to their kids why they couldn’t go to the park or have any playdates.

So I got to thinking, how can we make this easier for them?! 

I had various ideas, but then suddenly….  Reggie the Rhino was born. 

I started writing a poem about a mischievous rhino who wanted to escape from the zoo because he was bored. 

It turned out, people thought it was so good, they suggested I should get it illustrated. 

“I found a fantastic illustrator named Carmel Ward and we decided to put Reggie out there in the digital world for all to see. 

Mums, dads, and children could then read this beautiful rhyming story about Reggie the Rhino, by clicking on the picture gallery at the top of this page, and this will explain to everybody as to how and why to keep safe from COVID 19. 

This is a completely non-profit idea. But if people like it, we have a just giving page set up at the end of the story, so people can donate a few pennies to help the NHS buy more PPE that they so desperately need; specifically, in this case, the East of England Ambulance Service. 

All money raised will go directly to them.”

Please see James’ just giving page below if you wish to donate.

Here is a pdf of this fantastic book Reggie the rhino.

One thought on “Romford man writes children’s book to help children understand about Covid and lock down.

  • 9th June 2020 at 1:06 pm

    What a remarkable parent to do such a wonderful thing for his children.
    Must be a James theme at the moment, the hero of the mobility scooter breakdown you reported recently is also called James!


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