Remebering ANZAC day.

Trevor McKeever from the South Hornchurch Labour Action Team writes in the Havering Daily today.

Due to the situation we find ourselves in, we will not be able to gather as a group and show our respects at the memorial plaque on Dovers Farm Green on the 25 of April, please take time to remember the ANZAC Troops who gave their lives during the First World War. 

ANZAC stands for Australian & New Zealand Army Corps, 
This group of soldiers was formed in Egypt in 1914 and were commanded by General William Birdwood, comprising of troops from the First Australian Imperial Force & the First New Zealand Expeditionary Force. 
The ANZAC troops are well known for operations in Gallipoli in 1915. 

I have been asked on many occasions why Dovers Farm Green has a plaque, so here is a brief explanation. 

In 1916 soldiers from the New Zealand Expeditionary Force began to arrive at Grey Towers camp in Hornchurch, its new headquarters in England. It then became a convalescent hospital for the New Zealanders. 
The road names on Dovers Farm Green reflect the association, such as New Zealand way, Auckland Ave, Christchurch Ave. some say that relationships also formed between some of the hospital staff and the ANZAC patients they cared for. 
The Residents of Dovers Farm Community kindly raised money for the memorial plaque to be sited on the Green to honour and respect the sacrifices made by the ANZACS during World War One.

Trevor Mckeever

Memorial Event Organiser, Dovers Farm Committee

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