One step too far.

I am a mental health counsellor who specialises in post-traumatic stress disorders.

The recent death of Caroline Flack has left the country shocked and extremely saddened. The tragic way she took her life has left the country in mourning.

This has spurred on an emotional rollercoaster of people now trying to be kind to each other. People reaching out to each other and people holding out their hand to offer support.

To get to the point where death is your only option is truly heartbreaking. It is easy to say to people reach out if you need help, but sometimes your mind is made up, you have taken that decision and nothing can change it.

Walking in someone’s shoes is not something most of us do yet it would be the easiest way to see how a person really feels. Most of us wear a mask and when asked if we are okay, of course, we are going to answer yes. If we answered no, would people really be interested? Would they really understand? These are the key questions we ask ourselves.

I live in Havering and read all the local news. I have been quite disgusted of late at the vilification I have seen in our local politics. Politics is a dirty game undoubtedly and luckily I do not get involved in it. Yet the ongoing criticism of certain council members has been monstrous.

I have seen T-shirts with Pinocchio on them, many twitter accounts with extremely derogatory remarks that border on homophobic.

As a counsellor I’m truly sad to see people stoop to such personal remarks.

Attack policies I understand but do not make it personal. I have seen pages and pages of abuse. Nothing justify’s this.

Perhaps the people doing this also need need support and should reach out for help.

Please remember we are all people and you never know when one of your comments is going to be too much.

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