Mercury Mall Security Team strike gold!

On a busy day in January, 3 security officers including Ali Ahmed and Ricky Layton apprehended a burglar who attempted to steal from a jewellery stand in the Mercury Mall.

The male was seen jumping over and forcing the draws and cabinets open where all the jewellery was stored and started filling his pockets. The male was stopped on Level 1 by Ali and taken up the escalator and as this happened the offender tried to run off. The officers restrained the male.

The police advised the officers to take the male to the station as they did not have anyone available. The approximate value of goods recovered was £1,600. The male was known to police as a repeat offender. Two of the guards stayed 2 hours over their allocated time to ensure that the tenant received the goods and that the male was arrested by police. All the goods were recovered. 

Natalie Bays Deputy Centre Manager of The Mercury said; “The manager of King Jewellery had been very distressed about the safety of her unit earlier in the day, with crime seemingly picking up in Romford recently.

As a small, independent business she had particular concerns about the value of her stock being the foundation of her business, with only a small January cash flow. When I received the message that her business had been targeted a couple of hours later I was saddened that her fears had been realised but delighted that our team had been astute enough to have caught the perpetrator.  

We are extremely proud of the way the officers handled the situation, from identifying to stopping the thief. I am very pleased that our tenants are truly safe in our centre and humbled that we are actively doing our part in crime prevention in Romford.

Burcu Jewellry owner with guards Ali and Ricky.

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