‘Many on the housing waiting list are leading unpleasant and unsatisfactory lives’

Chair of Havering Labour Rosina Purnell has written in the Havering Daily’s Dear Editor section.

Two unfit–for-purpose tower blocks on a huge site are to be demolished in a regeneration project in South Hornchurch. The number of new build housing units to be available has been doubled. 64% will be for council rent.

A Labour councillor supported the Conservative administration for this project to go ahead. Why?

There clearly has been a recognition of the housing crisis which is engulfing our borough by Havering’s council administration. This crisis is in many ways invisible. Large numbers of adults in their 20s and 30s are trapped in the parental home and want to lead an independent life. Some young people lead the nomadic life of sofa surfing. Through no fault of their own, many on the housing waiting list are leading unpleasant and unsatisfactory lives, often in overcrowded accommodation and sometimes with children.

We welcome the fact that each one of the new flats will improve and enhance people’s lives. This project is meeting critical housing needs while at the same time protecting the Green Belt. It is fulfilling the requirements of regional and national policies and the aim of sustainable development. It is addressing the aspirations of those seeking to buy and those who want the security of a council rental.

Havering’s Labour councillors vote on issues on their merits, with an overview of the needs of the whole borough. Many Havering families need new homes. This project begins to address a severe community requirement. That’s why it was supported.

Rosina Purnell

Chair, Havering Labour

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