Dog owners call for ban on fireworks following petrified pets.

Dog walkers from St Andrew’s park in Hornchurch have called on shops to stop selling fireworks as their dogs suffer terrible consequences.

The local dog owners have expressed their anger at the selling of fireworks after witnessing their pets shake, pant, urinate and go into shock when hearing the loud noise of fireworks.

L-r Michelle, Jenny, Claire and Kim.

Hornchurch resident Kim told the Havering Daily:

It’s awful to see your pet shake uncontrollably and pant in a terrible state of fear. I’ve tried lots of different methods to try and keep her calm from playing calming and soothing music to calming tablets.

Every year this happens and our pets suffer so much. These fireworks are so loud and can often go on for hours. It leaves animals in a really bad state, so scared and frightened.”

A ban on the selling of fireworks is been called by many right across the country as animals suffer such horrific affects. This year we have even seen the death of a puppy who died of a heart attack in Yorkshire.

Jenny who walks her dog at St Andrew’s park everyday, was upset as her dog Nellie was so frightened hearing the firework noises that she urinated herself in utter fear and panic.

It’s terrible to see how much these fireworks affect our animals, Nellie was so scared that she urinated herself. It’s so upsetting.


One thought on “Dog owners call for ban on fireworks following petrified pets.

  • 6th November 2019 at 8:38 pm

    My dog has been so traumatised that even walking her today at lunch time today she was panicked by car doors slamming and builders using nail guns on nearby building sites. It’s heartbreaking to see her suffer.


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