Angry resident hits out at Mayor’s poster.


Angry residents in Rainham have complained about posters put in up across the area showing the current Mayor and his 75th anniversary celebrations.

Organiser of the Remembrance Sunday service events Sue Ospray from Rainham told the Havering Daily:

“This is a time to remember our veterans and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and to pay our respects to those who are still serving to protect us today. It is not a time to have your own face plastered on all of the posters when you have done nothing here to contribute to the event”.

Sue and her drama group the Lightening Group have been organising the Remembrance Sunday service for the last four years.

She continued :

This year we have a very special guest Colonel Jane Davis OBE, the Vice Lord Lieutenant pf Greater London. She will be joining our parade in Rainham so we are very honoured.

The day is about respectful mourning and bringing the community together. It is about remembering those who gave up their life and those who are still serving today for us. If we don’t remember our history then it will happen again.

It is also incorrect with the date it is not 75 years but 74 years, so that’s wrong as well”.

Sue is the organiser of the Remembrance Sunday Service events along with the help of her drama group the Lightening Group. She has been organising the event for four years now.

This year we are honoured to have Colonel Jane Davis OBE, she is the Vice Lieutenant of Greater London and will be taking part in our parade.

The event is about bringing the community together, if we don’t remember our history then it will happen again. It is a day where we respectfully mourn those who have given up so much to help so many and those who still are.

It is not a day about gloryfying yourself or putting yourself on a poster. It is about standing behind the veterans and helping them get to their seats. It is their day.

He does not help with the preparations in any shape or form. Myself and my helpers are the ones out here clearing the area up and preparing it for the Sunday celebrations. He gives the impression he’s the one doing all the work when he has done very little for our community.

Last year he told us he was going to get a bugler and he didn’t. He says something then doesn’t do it. Truthfully we don’t really want him. The day is not about him but about our veterans and our troops still serving.

3 thoughts on “Angry resident hits out at Mayor’s poster.

  • 5th November 2019 at 4:32 pm

    It makes me wonder who paid for these to be printed? If it was a council expense – is this a good and proper use of funds?

  • 5th November 2019 at 6:32 pm

    Just a typical Havering Councillor, always looking out for themself at others expense.

  • 5th November 2019 at 9:57 pm

    How did this man ever get voted in as a councillor, he does nothing for Rainham and its constituency


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