East End legends raise money for charity.

Two East End legends have been raising money for charity across the country and have today spoken exclusively to the Havering Daily about the amazing work they do.

Chris Lambrianou known for his connection with Ronnie and Reggie Kray and Maureen Flanagan the former model and actress who was also associated with the Kray twins have combined forces with other well known names to raise money for rehabilitation centres and MacMillan nurses.

Former model Maureen Flanagan

Despite being in their 70’s the two East Enders work tirelessly to raise money for worthy causes.

In March this year Maureen and Tony Turner hosted a gala charity event in aid of MacMillan nurses and the Ley Community Rehabilitation Centre. They were supported by Chris Lambrianou, Freddie Foremen and Dave Courtney OBE. The event took place at the Marquis of Cornwallis at the top of Vallance Road where Ronnie and Reggie Kray famously lived.

This was a good day supported by two hundred or more people who appreciate the incredible work the MacMillan nurses do and the great work of the Ley community which has saved many lives.

There was a cash donation from Charles Salvador (formerly known as Bronson) and Rod Harrelson and some artwork which will be auctioned in Henley in the coming weeks for this cause which will be put to great use in supporting residents through their rehabilitation journey.

In the meantime, unfortunately the Ley community closed due to lack of funds.

Mr Lambrianou told the Havering Daily :

Strange that money can be found to send countless people to prison, yet not support rehabilitation in a secure working environment at half the cost?

Surely the money taken off drug dealers and such other people should go into helping the men, women and children which they have helped to destroy? When we learned the Ley Community was closing, I approached former director of the Ley, a sincere Christian man called Hussain who invited me to Yelldall Manor in Reading where I could see for myself the brilliant work being achieved in recovery and rehabilitation, led by Dan and a dedicated team.

It was decided that the money raised would go to Yeldall Manor. On the 23rd of October, several of us were invited there by the Dan and Hussain to hand over this cheque to a truly worthy charity where it will be put into a bursary and used to help another human being get back on the road to sanity.

We had the opportunity to see the work being done and to meet residents and hear about their journey hopes and fears. We would like to give a huge thanks to the staff and residents who welcomed us with their warm hospitality. I can’t leave without thanking the people from the East End who supported us in raising this money. God Bless you all”.

Chris with Tony Turner and others at Yelldall Manor Rehabilitation Centre. It was thanks to Tony Turner and his many followers that the above cheque for £1600 was raised.

Former Model Maureen told the Havering Daily:

I organise as many events as I can to help raise money for charity. I have raised many funds for the MacMillan nurses who do such an incredible job. I have being doing charity work for over forty five years now.”

Maureen is a remarkable lady who has even had tea with the Her Majesty the Queen in recognition for all the amazing work she does.

If we did help more rehabilitation centres then more people would not be re-offending today. We need to help these people from not re offending”.

Both Chris and Maureen will be embarking in more charity events in the future to help raise further funds for charity.

Maureen with photographs of Reggie, Charlie and Ronnie Kray and Reggie and his wife Frances Kray.

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