BREAKING: Car crashes and lands on its roof in Romford.

Local resident’s and passerbys were shocked this morning to see a car on its roof along Upper Brentwood Road, Romford.

It is believed that the car crashed and landed on its roof just before 7.30 am this morning.

Traffic was slow and backed up to the Drill roundabout as police closed the area off.

Vehicle crash this morning.

Kelly from Hornchurch told the Havering Daily: ‘I was on the bus when I saw the vehicle this morning completely upside down and on its roof.

The roof of the car was virtually on the backseat of the car it was that low so I don’t know how anyone could have got out of the car.

Police at the scene.

The police were at the scene and it looks like the driver has hit the crossing and crashed as the yellow ball normally on the crossing, was right across the other side of the road.’

The roof of the car completely smashed.

More to follow.

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