Former Havering Mayor praises Resident Association councillors for walk out.

Havering’s former Mayor Linda Trew has written to the Havering Daily.

Well done to the Residents Group Councillors who walked out of the full council last week in protest against the Conservative Administration and their total lack of listening to opposition groups and even more importantly to local residents.    

Well done also to all the residents who protested last night, keep it up.   

Cabinet member Osman Dervish’s response to a question from Barry Mugglestone about the amount of money the administration spend/waste on quick fixes to their hand picked parks to achieve the green flag status, suggesting that if the parks were the responsibility of the Residents Group they would mess it up!   

Cllr. Mugglestone, asked for an apology but of course the current Mayor, an ex Resident Councillor who crossed the floor to the Conservatives to get his position, did not uphold this request, and demanded the Councillor leave the Chamber (the RA’s walked out in protest). Disgusting.

In addition, the Administration are deliberately drawing out debates (this is a known tactic and I can confirm that this is a common strategy) so that time will run out and opposition parties do not get a chance to ask questions and even worse, for motions to be heard and debated.

The Administration is bordering on a dictatorship with lackeys standing by and letting it happen to maintain their paid positions. Residents please keep in mind how the Administration is failing and make your vote count in the next local elections.

Linda Trew Ex-Mayor of Havering

2 thoughts on “Former Havering Mayor praises Resident Association councillors for walk out.

  • 4th October 2019 at 10:55 am

    Would the Leader of the Council please explain how he finds the time to drive leaflet distributors around the borough in his car to deliver campaign literature on behalf of the M.P. Andrew Rosindell during working hours ? Is this what the Reaidents are paying him £55,000 per annum for ? Maybe sitting down and listening to Reaidents would be time better spent.

  • 11th October 2019 at 9:30 am

    Good to see residence’s association standing up to conservatives
    They have to made to listen and not be dictated to !
    Next council elections will change the power control


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