‘No development should be built without the necessary public services.’

The South Hornchurch and Beam Park sections of the Rainham Independent Residents Association have raised a petition with well over 1000 signatures on the doorstep of their area. Their petition is asking for the Council to equalise the developer’s infrastructure levy (CIL) that is presently charged in Rainham compared to the rest of Havering, because it is 60% lower.

South Hornchurch Councillor Graham Williamson handed in the petition at the recent full council meeting and was addressed to council officer, Lauren Miller, who is presently responsible for reviewing and proposing amendments to Havering’s local plan. 

He told the Havering Daily It is rather scandalous that Rainham developments attract less money for public services e.g. doctors, dentists and schools, than everywhere else!”

He added: Worse still the monies raised for new infrastructure in Havering overall is even estimated by the Council (who fix the rates) to be short by over 50%, so we must ultimately raise all the charges. Frankly, there should be NO developments without the necessary public services.”

Councillor Graham Williamson with the petition

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