‘This is a huge crisis bombshell coming our way’-Dagenham and Rainham MP Jon Cruddas.

Whilst the sleaze continues to faithfully follow the Tory party, a national crisis over soaring energy prices is going quietly unnoticed. They are set to go up by nearly 50% in April, with struggling households facing another challenge to their ever increasing bills under the current government.

The Havering Daily has spoken to Dagenham and Rainham MP Jon Cruddas about this all important issue.

“This is an absolute scandal”, says Jon with utter heartbreak in his voice as he knows just how hard his constituents are going to be hit. Dagenham and Rainham are already two of poorest areas in the London zone.

“A recent poll revealed that one out of ten could not afford a £5 increase and half cannot afford a £50 rise. Plus we have the tax and National Insurance hike, inflation at an all time high again, this is a huge crisis bombshell waiting to happen.”

It is estimated that energy bills are set to rise from £60 to £200 a month.

“How are people going to afford that? Petrol has gone up, food prices have gone up. Something has to be done. This really is an absolute scandal.”

Jon has suggested current ways forward to help people deal with this and is hoping something will be done to stop this soaring price increase.

“It is our job to suggest alternative ways. For example Extend the Warm Home discount scheme, that could save people £400. Or remove the VAT from energy bills. Even more don’t increase VAT. All things that can be done to help people, but will they do it?”

As people debate the lock down parties, the energy bill rise is quietly going full steam ahead.

“People need to have the head’s up on this.It really is scandalous and a huge crisis coming our way,” finishes Jon.

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