Helping Hornchurch Round Table.

Today Chris Daems Head of Havering Means Business writes in the Havering Daily:

In 2019, before the world had heard of lockdowns, I was invited along to a dinner. The dinner was described to me, accurately it turns out, as a bunch of blokes who get together regularly to chat, laugh but also talk about how we can support some amazing causes in our local area.

That was the first time I met the chaps from Hornchurch Round Table.

What I later found out is one was these individuals are responsible for the light covered Santa’s sleigh I’d seen driving around Hornchurch, parts of Rainham and the surrounding areas every Christmas time.

What I didn’t realise is that that this sleigh raised a decent amount each year for local causes with the generous help of our local community.

That Christmas I was asked to volunteer to help fundraise. This involved shaking a bucket, asking for donations, wearing a hi vis jacket and strolling around Hornchurch on the run up to Christmas, whilst accompanying a brightly lit Christmas float.

Three things occurred to me on the nights I helped out…

Firstly, on the streets, the families who came out to see the sleigh and say hello to Father Christmas were genuinely excited.

These families, who were able to track where the sleigh was going on the app, loved getting involved.

Secondly, the people of Havering are amazingly generous. They know their local round table supports local causes and want to help.

And Thirdly, it was heart-warming to be involved with people who donate their time not only to make friends, but also to do a bit of good.

It’s easy to be cynical…but I believe what’s more rewarding is to do what you can to help others whilst building friendships along the way.

I’d love for you and your family to come and see the Sleigh this Christmas. The pandemic has been tough on a local charities with mass participation fundraising on hold and we’d love to raise as much as we can to support these amazing causes. If you see me out there, wearing my Hi Vis with a lack of fashion sense but a lot of pride, come and say hello!

We’d love for you to donate too and you can donate in two ways. We accept financial donations which we can then pass on to a local good cause but you can also donate food which we’ll donate to a food bank and helps a family in need locally.

You can find where the Sleigh is going to be on the Hornchurch Round Table facebook page…and if you’d like to come to get a bit more involved in the round table you can contact us here

We look forward to seeing you this Christmas…

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