The Fat Pizza win Independent Pizza Delivery Award!

Well done to Elm Park’s The Fat Pizza who have just won the the Independent Pizza Delivery Award 2021 from the Pizza and Pasta association.

Many of you will know that Ripu and her husband Sunny are two amazing community champions who are always helping our community and delivering free pizzas to those in need.

This award is not only much deserved but also much needed to thank this family for all the hard work they do in our community and many other communities across the country.

Ripu said:

“We are delighted to have won the Independent Pizza Delivery Award 2021 from the Pizza and Pasta Association.

As a family business, The Fat Pizza has grown amazingly fast over the last year and we now have 30 stores within the UK going from Glasgow down to Torquay and from Cardiff to Norwich! 

We have still managed to stick to our ethos and every pizza is made on the premises from bags of flour using our own secret recipe! The only difference is that the family simply have to make more of it to be able to handle the growth. 

Ishaan, 15 and Raehaan,12 are already fully vested in all aspects of the business and are our biggest critics – it is with their influence that we are looking at how we can become more sustainable in our practices as well as looking closely at our carbon footprint in the coming year especially.

Every franchisee undertakes his training at our Elm Park store where we are able to instill the community focussed principles that underline what The Fat Pizza are about.

We aim to be at over 120 stores by this time next year and are aiming to be the 4th largest pizza chain in the UK by the end of 2022 – all starting from our store in Elm Park!”

Well done to you all!

Award won.
Sunny and Ripu receiving their award.
The team outside their Elm Park store.

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