Mobile phones stolen from women at Romford licensed premises.


A spate of mobile phone thefts has taken place at a venue in South Street, Romford.

Police are investigating the string of mobile phone thefts that has taken place at a licensed premises in South Street.

October phone thefts at the venue reported to police so far are:

Two phones stolen on 2 October
Two phones stolen on 3 October
One phone stolen on 8 October
One phone stolen on 9 October

In all reported cases the phones were stolen from women.

A spokesperson for the Met told the Havering Daily:

“Police continue to work with staff at the venue to address this issue and identify any thieves that may be operating within the premises.

“The re-opening of night clubs and pubs has provided new opportunities for thieves and pick-pockets, particularly concerning mobile phone thefts.

“While we all make an effort to keep phones safe, it’s worth remembering that it can take just seconds for a thief to grab it from a table or bar, or to take it from a back pocket, especially in a crowded area.

“We understand the concern and inconvenience caused by this type of theft and encourage all mobile phone users to keep a record of their IMEI number which can be obtained by keying in *#06#. Keep a record of the number separate from your phone as, if you are unlucky enough to have your phone stolen, you will need the IMEI.”

Also, please make use of all of the security features available on your handset such as tracking, pin lock, face and finger-print recognition. All of these things prevent thieves from accessing your personal information.

Phone thefts are always more concentrated in areas and venues where there is heavy footfall. And, while we should all be able to enjoy an evening out without the threat of our personal property being taken, the reality is that there are some who consider your night out as their opportunity to help themselves to your property.

If you are unlucky enough to become the victim of a phone thief, please do take the time to report the theft to police on 101, even if your phone is insured or is an older model.

More information on keeping your personal property safe is available here.

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