Anti knife crime campaigner unites community to launch bleed kits in London pubs.


On Tuesday 12 October Binning Knives Saves Lives, bereaved parents, anti knife campaigners and police officers gathered together in south London to launch the instalment of forty bleed kits in Craft Union pubs across the capital.

The money for the bleed kits, costing £100 each, was raised through charity events and launched yesterday evening at the Horse and Groom pub on Merton High Street.

Binning Knives Saves Lives founder Courtney Barrett, who is an anti knife crime legend across London, gathered his team of anti knife crime campaigners and bereaved parents together to talk about the vital importance of these bleed kits in venues across London.

Michelle McPhillips whose son Jonathan James was stabbed to death, told the crowd: “Kits like these save lives. It takes six minutes for a body to bleed out, these should be in as many venues as possible to save future lives. I had to watch my son on the floor have his heart massaged to bring him back by paramedics. These are vital.”

Sue Hedges from Hornchurch whose son Ricky Hayden was murdered in 2016 also spoke, she said: “I had to watch my son on CCTV have his leg macheted and lie there bleeding to death. None of the authorities support us bereaved parents, not one of them. It is anti knife crime campaigners like Courtney that are making the difference in our society.”

Special Police Commander Anthony Peltier was also at the event, the Pride of Britain award winner praised the anti knife crime campaigners for their endless work in the ongoing battle to stop knife crime.

The Mayor of Merton was also present to offer his support to the launch of the bleed kits.

These kits are vital in our society with the ongoing knife crime battle. They have been installed by campaigners such as Courtney Barrett, as the authorities seem to be ignoring the knife crime horrors and leaving it to our under funded police force and anti knife crime campaigners to deal with.

Campaigners and police all gathered together to unite in the battle against knife crime.

“We are all part of the community and we must all work together to stop the horrors of knife crime,” said Courtney.

Well done to everyone involved.

Courtney Barrett with the Mayor of Merton anti knife crime campaigners and Police Sergeant Sanghera.
Bereaved mum Michelle McPhillips.
Bereaved mum Sue Hedges.
Special Police Commander Anthony Peltier.
Police Sergeant Sanghera
The community coming together.

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