Harold Hill disabled grandmother wins court appeal against parking ticket.

A Harold Hill grandmother who was issued a penalty notice on her car after being given just four minutes to walk to a ticket machine has won her appeal in court.

Tanya who suffers with arthritis and struggles to walk, had parked at the Hilldene shops on Farnham Road back in January and walked to the first ticket machine that was ‘out of order’ so began the walk to the next ticket machine at the far end of the road. When she returned to her vehicle, she discovered she had been issued a parking ticket and the time on the ticket clearly showed she had been given a grand total of four minutes to get herself a ticket.

Now, after months of fighting the council, Tanya received a letter from the court stating: “The adjudicator having considered the evidence submitted by the parties, has allowed the appeal.”

It also goes on to say that “If any penalty or fees have already been paid, the Enforcement Authority must now issue a refund without delay.”

After months of battling against the council and suffering with mental health issues caused by the stress she has undergone, Tanya can now relax and finally celebrate a well deserved victory.

The local grandmother who often walks with a stick was furious after receiving the parking ticket and decided to take her complaint all the way to the court.

The adjudicator also stated:

“I am allowing the appeal because I accept Miss Priestley’s evidence that she had been unable to purchase a pay and display ticket that she went to and that she was in the process of purchasing a ticket from a different machine when the PCN was issued.

“I find Miss Priestley’s account to be detailed and credible.”

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