Jones’ Jesting continues.

Local resident, Leo Jones continues with his jesting critique of the recent stories published in the Havering Daily.

As expected, it’s been a quiet week on the part of our MP’s and councillors, although Mr White managed to drag himself out of his deck chair again to pop up in Rainham with his building partners, for a litter pick and photo opportunity. There he was, bag and picker in hand, looking good. But, exactly how long did he stay and did he actually pick up any litter? Probably about as long as he stayed at Elm Park Station when he turned up for a day of action with the local police…. 30 minutes tops, and just the one piece necessary for a decent photo. Bet you can’t guess which one is Mr White?

For all our ‘politicians’, I genuinely hope they are enjoying their breaks and we look forward to seeing them back very soon. Fully refreshed and ready for the next round of trials and tribulations in the wonderful world of politics… the Local Council elections next year. Let’s see who will be the first to start the political points scoring.

Councillor Sally Miller on Knife Crime.

What is exceedingly disappointingly, and sadly all too prevalent nowadays, is the large increase in knife crime, not only in our borough, but greater London as a whole. This is made even more harrowing when you consider the ages of those now involved and the ease with which they seem to be able to obtain such offensive and lethal weapons. All too often there is no regard for the consequences that can occur when a young person gets involved in such incidences. These consequences will remain for a lifetime. One has to ask, “Where did things go wrong?” Is it due to the lack of police on the streets, or the apathy of successive governments and the courts to deal with such crimes accordingly?

Who was it who said, “Tough on crime tough on the causes of crime”, and who was it who said, “Five years in prison if you are caught carrying a knife”? It doesn’t really matter. Nothing has changed since those words were spoken, though, until recently, you could have been fined £10K for breaching the corona virus ‘laws’. That’s priorities for you!

Havering Council has their own Crime & Disorder Sub Committee under the Chair of ‘Silly’ Miller. This turncoat councillor, allegedly in discussion with the conservative administration before the 2018 local elections, stood for, and was elected as, a Hornchurch Residents Association Councillor. What is even more distasteful, is the fact that she doesn’t even live in the ward she was elected in. Less than a month after the elections, on the alleged promise of better things to come, she‘jumped ship’ and has subsequently, accepted the ‘Queen’s shilling’ to prop up the minority conservative council by becoming one of Mr White’s ‘yes men’.

Miller’s remuneration for being Chair is £7,803 per annum. So far this year there have been three meetings totalling 2.75 hours. Based on five meetings per year, at an average of one hour per meeting, Miller is raking in £1560 per hour. In the latest meeting, in her professional capacity, she had the audacity to verbally belittle the Havering Daily by making absurd and blasé comments about the contents of the Havering Daily’s articles. If this is her attitude to Knife Crime, she is a disgrace to the council, the residents of Havering, and to those who voted for her in 2018. She should be removed from her position immediately.

If she had an ounce of common decency, she would resign andapologise unreservedly to the Havering Daily, to the residents of Havering, and the residents of Elm Park who elected her as a councillor. Unfortunately, this administration will no doubt make every effort to cover it up and gloss over her actions.

Grandmother takes on the Parking Department.

I was absolutely chuffed to bits to read about the Grandmother from Harold Hill who won her appeal for a parking ticket that was totally unjust and issued in an underhand manner. Havering Council is always stating that it abides by the relevant Codes of Practice, (CoP), which cover parking in public places. And, they are repeatedly telling us that all their lines are signs are fully compliant and their Penalty Charge Notices, (PCNs), are all issued correctly. In reality, the ‘lines and signs’comment is a total lie! And, if there is some smart a*** in the Parking Department who wants to prove otherwise, a pound to a penny says they can’t! Whilst, ‘all PCNs are issued correctly’, is factually correct, it is seriously misleading. The ticket is ‘issued correctly’, by being placed, either on the vehicle, or in the hand of the driver. It is the ticket itself that is not correct because the CoP are not complied with. Unfortunately, there are far too many tickets that are not correct, but as 90% of the people do not challenge them, so the abuse of the CoP will continue. If you really want to crucify the system, everyone needs to appeal every ticket. The Parking Department will be so overwhelmed, they won’t be able to cope. Fifty five days later, no reply from the parking department, the ticket will be invalid. It’s the cost of a stamp or £50 plus.

Sadly, long gone are the days whereby a driver could jump in the car and drive away before the ticket was correctly issued, (placed on the vehicle). This loophole was scuppered by the government because councils were losing a lot of revenue that way. Now, the first thing the Warden does is to note your registration number, take a few photos as proof, then starts to write the ticket. You turn up, jump in the car and drive away laughing, only to find out 14 days later, the council has now sent the notice through the post. Still needs to be appealed.

If, as the Parking Department implies, every ticket issued is correct, can our smart a*** tell us why so many tickets are cancelled on appeal, either by the council, POPLA, or the courts? No, because not all ticketsare correct when issued, just like the one cancelled by the court, and they don’t want you to know why.

No ‘fat pay packets’ – update.

My last article, Jones’ Jesting Continues , elicited a response from the Romford Conservatives and I have followed up as below. In doing so, I would like to make it quite clear that it is not my intention to get in to any form of slanging match with anyone regardless of who, what, when,where, why, because it does not benefit any party. If I made a mistake, as I appear to have, you have said so. However, in this instance, some clarifications are needed.

Further to the article from the Romford Conservative Association, No ‘fat pay packets’, I respond as follows…  Firstly, thank you for your comments, I appreciate the feedback. At the same time, please feel free to add your comments about any of my articles in the ‘Leave a Reply’ box, below the articles. They may stimulate debate from others and raise further awareness of the Team’s ambitions, or whatever else I might comment about. Secondly, my apologies for the error in my article regarding my confusion about the former Mayor of Havering. In previous articles from Messrs Rosindell and Prince, their comments referred to a former Mayor as being a friend and the best Mayor Havering has ever had, and the current Mayor as being a bit of a useless leader and useless Mayor too. I bet another pound to a penny they were not referring to Dilip Patel and John Mylod respectively.

As a consequence of the articles referred to above, I made a silly mistake. This was by way of an assumed typo and missing words, added to my incorrect comments regarding Mr Johnson as the former Mayor. In anticipation…. you are right. We should not assume anything as it makes an ASS out of U and ME, and I am the ASS this time. Happy to admit it. But, anyone who makes comments about a former Mayor, or any Mayor for that matter, needs to be sure their facts are correct as well. Mr Johnson was a friend and former Mayor of Havering, as much as he was a former Mayor of London. Dilip Patel was a former ‘local’ Mayor of Havering. With that statement, there is no confusion as to which Mayor is being referred to. Gushing comment, ‘one of the best ‘local’, (my addition), Mayor’s Havering has ever had’.Wow, stand back in amazement! That comment creates an interesting situation as we now have two former Mayors who were the best Mayors Havering has ever had. To be honest, we don’t really know if they were, or weren’t, as no one has told us what good either of them did for Havering during their respective tenures. Although, as I mentioned in my original article, we know what one didn’t do.

Fact, the original article’s headline about the new Team clearly stated, Romford Conservatives pledge to revive Romford with all new ‘Town Centre Team’. Fact, nowhere in my article did I mention it as being a committee formed by Havering Council. Fact, Mr Patel’s role referred to in ‘your’ article, is part of a Council based committee and as such, hereceives a remuneration for that role. He is also part of the Team. In giving him support, is he part of the Team, or part of the Council? The Team should support all members equally, but if the Team is supporting just one member it implies the new role is being supported. That role isthe Deputy Cabinet Member for Business Recovery, and that is a Council position.

So, ‘No fat pay packets’ for anyone on the Team. Does that mean everyone is a volunteer and all will be giving their time for free? And, how is the revival of Romford Town Centre going to be paid for?

The nine individuals in the photograph accompanying the original article will co-ordinate residents’ concerns and suggestions about the Town Centre. As no others were mentioned, by implication, this is the Team. Six are conservative councillors, one is a conservative MP and the other two, are two MP’s Representatives, or, are these now the political activists referred to in ‘your’ reply? Which MP or MPs do they represent? Hylands & Harrow Lodge Ward is con controlled and also borders the Town Centre. No one from that ward is part of the Team. Why? All answers on a post card please.

Romford is part of Havering, not just the wards local to, or bordering the Town Centre. Every Havering resident has probably been to Romford at one time or another, so why couldn’t councillors from the other Havering wards have been invited to become part of the Team? Because, regardless of any ideas or comments invited by, or received by the Team, it is the Romford Conservatives who will revive Romford Town Centre. So stated in the headline of the original article!

No, the Traffic Warden is not a CEO, (Civil Enforcement Officer, as opposed to a Chief Executive Officer). He/she is a person who attends to parking infringements and issues tickets for the greater good of the council’s coffers. Ever wondered why Havering Council vehicles never receive parking tickets? Ever, wondered why you don’t see the CCTV ‘smart car’ so much? Maybe some Parking Department smart a*** will answer those questions too. CEO, just AFF TLA & FFN for Parking Warden. TLAs, OFU and NFN.

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