Havering Daily Podcast: Why Havering should be leaving the GLA and the control of the London Mayor-Andrew Rosindell MP.

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In our second podcast, our reporter has spoken to the Romford MP Andrew Rosindell on why Havering should be leaving the Greater London Authority and the control of the London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Mr Rosindell speaks openly about his views on the GLA and why Havering should be independent.

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4 thoughts on “Havering Daily Podcast: Why Havering should be leaving the GLA and the control of the London Mayor-Andrew Rosindell MP.

  • 12th July 2021 at 10:51 am

    nutcase. Why has Romford put up with him for so long?

  • 12th July 2021 at 11:00 am

    Very interesting listening to Mr White. So much to say and comment on, it would take an article on its own to cover the topics mentioned. Bulleted… 1. Needed to save 25 million, then you should have, and should do, only pay your cronies on the council committees, their ‘Queens shilling’, when they actually work by attending meetings. 2. Parking charges had more than doubled before reintroducing the 1 hour free on street parking, so an increase over all. 3. By offering a 20% discount for using the covid secure app and pay by phone, it allows a wider range of individuals to park. Really, doesn’t it preclude many elderly folk who do not have phones? 4. Mr White works long hours. Glad to know he is part of the real world in that instance. It would have been interesting to see how many extra hours he would have had to work to cover two roles if he had been elected as an MP. 5. Mr Whites door is always open. Well, let’s have an ‘open door’ meeting Mr White with the residents of Havering, and answer real questions about the alleged Gerrymandering scandal you are your colleagues were caught up in. You and your mentor Mr Rosindale keep telling us you did nothing wrong even though there was a case to answer and you still haven’t been found innocent. The first question is easy. Why did the Boundaries Commission virtually redraw ‘your’ proposed changes back to the original lines after a record number of ‘complaints’?

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  • 13th July 2021 at 11:27 am

    A very informative interview with Mr Rosindale. As with Mr White, a whole article would be the only way to respond to the issues raised. It is a topic that needs a whole open debate to get all the points raised, but there is nothing like getting in early in preparation for the Local Elections next year when Mr Rosindale will be trying to keep Mr White, his protégé in place. Notwithstanding, again, bulleted… 1. The GLA is interfering in our affairs. What affairs are those? We need the answers, not just the statements. 2. Mr Johnson gave us more attention. Really! What did he actually do that benefited Havering? Left us with the Gallows Corner problem despite his promise! 3. What are our needs and aspirations? Are they yours or Havering’s, and, how and by whom, have they been determined? 4. No matter how much we pay to the GLA, we will still have the cover the costs that the current payment covers. No gain there! 5. So Mr Khan wouldn’t see you. You could have risen above that and taken the lead. You are an MP who has a right to see the Mayor. Publish the correspondence between you and Mr Khan that proves his unwillingness to speak to you. 6. I didn’t vote for, or against the GLA, and neither did the people of Havering. This was a political issue. You were able to vote, not us! 7. Labour has no chance of securing overall control of Havering. That is clearly obvious by the current number of Labour councillors in Havering now. Don’t trot out the line, a vote for any other party is a vote to let Labour in. Really; didn’t happen in the last Local Elections, and won’t happen in the next one.


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