‘My nan said to me please I want to live, don’t let me die.’

An elderly pensioner fell in the road breaking her hip as a result of the force of speeding car. Locals and nearby builders rushed to her rescue as they saw her collapsed on the floor.

The 87 year old from Rainham was walking to a medical appointment on Thursday along Upminster Road South when a speeding car passed her at such a fast speed that it literally pushed her off her feet, causing her to fall onto a wet road.

Three ladies came to her rescue and nearby builders working on a house all rushed to pick her up and place her onto a chair and put an umbrella over her as it was raining.

Her grandson Ron was called and rushed to his grandmother’s side. He told the Havering Daily:

“When I got there my grandmother had been placed on a chair and covered with an umbrella to stop her from getting wet. I was very grateful to neighbours for all their help.

“I called the ambulance and that took nearly an hour to get to us. My grandmother suffers with thrombocytopenia, a condition where you have a low blood platelet count and she was on the way to get a dressing put on at the medical centre.

“I am so thankful to the neighbours and workmen who picked her up out of the road and sat her on a chair.”

The pensioner was taken to Queen’s hospital where she has since had an operation for a broken hip.

Ron continued: “My nan also has low grade Lymphoma in the bone marrow so I was extremely worried when I heard she had fallen over. Cars speed down our roads with no care for anyone. They are residential roads with families, children and pensioners living there, they should be more considerate to this.

“Thanks to one of them speeding, my nan has now broken her hip and has had to have an operation.”

Ron was also saddened to hear how his grandmother had been asked to sign a form at the hospital asking her if she wanted to be resuscitated.

“Nan was really upset and said to me, please I want to live. Don’t let me die. That really got to me.

“All this because of some idiot speeding along a road with no care or consideration to anyone else.”

Ron’s nan has since had a hip operation over the weekend and is now slowly on the mend.

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