Back Our Bobbies: PC Hassan Ali, an officer who puts his community first.

PC Ali Hassan Ali is a police Officer who puts the community firmly first. Raised on a council estate and still living on a council estate, PC Hassan Ali knows his community and most importantly how to communicate with them.

He is a Response Officer based at Camden and Islington and one who has decided to tackle knife crime by talking to his locals and getting their help in stopping this awful nightmare affecting our youths everyday.

He told the Havering Daily:”I stood on a cordon after a youth had been stabbed to death. I watched his mother arrive and I have never heard a cry as awful as I did that day. The sound that came from that mother was unimaginable pain, it was a desperate cry that came from so deep within. It was more than just a cry. The pain and anguish she felt was heartbreaking.

“She told me that she had given birth to him, held him close to her chest, raised him and now she had seen his young life ended.I knew then that I had to do something about this.”

PC Hassan Ali made it his mission to engage with his community and gain their trust and start to work together to tackle this nightmare blighting our streets everyday.

“I have witnessed two young men killed here in Camden, I can’t be a bystander. I joined the police to make a difference and that is exactly what I am trying to do.

“The Met is a great police force and people want to see a genuine police force with officers who care. I am trying to make a change on our streets by talking and listening to what the community has to say.

“My passion comes from my community. When I finish my shift and go home, my neighbours tell me their problems and what they would like to see and I listen to to them.

“I always try and de-escalate a situation. Even when a man approached me with a machete, I spoke with him and got him to put down the machete. I did not need to call for help and have a taser used.”

PC Hassan Ali is proud of his fellow officers and the hardwork they are doing daily on our streets.

“I signed to join this job because it stands for integrity. My colleagues work incredibly hard on our streets everyday. Society needs to come together and tackle the knife crime problem and listen to what the community wants.

“We need to focus on why these teenagers are carrying a knife.Let’s get teachers onboard and psychologists onboard to help.

“Stop and search works but we must talk to people as human beings. I have been stopped and searched myself and I know the key is to have empathy. Explain to people why they are being stopped and searched the reasons behind it, then they will understand.”

PC Hassan Ali works hard everyday to make a difference to his community and most importantly respects them and is there to listen to their needs.

Well done for being a real community hero.

Pc Hasan Ali.

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