Over 1,000 knives to be dropped outside of City Hall by Binning Lives Save Knives as they demand to ‘Get Khan Out’.

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On Wednesday 28th April the capital’s media will be focused on City Hall where members of the anti knife crime group Binning Knives Save Lives will be literally ‘dumping’ over 1,100 knives on the Mayor of London’s doorstep to complain about the knife crime pandemic on the streets of London and his failure to even acknowledge what is happening on our streets.

The knives will be bought in a bulldozer and placed outside of City Hall where Sadiq Khan is currently based.

Together with independent mayoral candidate Farah London, families of murder victims, and other London based organisations, they will also be handing over a letter of complaint to the current Mayor.

Courtney Barrett the founder of BKSL and known as the ‘Knife Man’ told the Havering Daily: “This is for all Londoners who are sick of Sadiq Khan wasting much needed money on failed and pointless schemes. We are sick of money being wasted on projects like ltn’s and roadblocks, whilst violent crime is so worryingly high, and whilst London’s communities lack the vital services they desperately need”.

Mr Barrett is a local legend on the streets of east London, spending his time talking and engaging with teenagers in a bid to steer them away from knife crime.

“We need youth centres and prospects for youths, we need to provide awareness and education on the dangers of knife crime to all youths. We need more mental health services and better services for the disabled. We need more police!on our streets and we need more affordable housing. Ultimately we need to be able to afford to live and what we don’t need are disused cycle lanes and roadblocks that seem to do more harm than good. Khan’s wasted hundreds of millions of Londoners cash and we are all suffering because of it”.

Mr Barrett, and Farah London who represents a community run London, with community lead policies, are hoping to see many Londoners attend this groundbreaking event which puts residents of London up against Sadiq Khan.

Speaking on the day will be:-

Families of Murder Victims (Suzanne Hedges – Ricky Hayden’s mother.

Farah London – Mayoral Candidate

Ben Spann – Director of Change Your Life, Put Down Your Knife!

‘The Knife Man’ Courtney Barrett

Event Details:-

City Hall
The Queens Walk

Start Time:-

April 28th @ 12pm

Please remember to maintain social distancing where possible.



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