Disabled girl’s wheelchair ramp stolen from her house returned by neighbour who challenges thief.

The neighbour of an Upminster family who had their wheelchair ramp stolen from outside their house, found the thief and confronted him, forcing him to return the ramp.

The ramp was outside the family home on Sunday when the ring doorbell captured the thief making his way up to the house and openly taking the ramp away.

The theft has angered the community, leaving them in disbelief that someone could stoop so low to steal a teenager’s wheelchair ramp.

Rachel, the teenager’s mother told the Havering Daily: “The theft took place on Sunday afternoon at 2:10 pm. We were at home but didn’t hear anything until we noticed that my daughter’s wheelchair ramp had gone. We couldn’t believe it, how awful can people be? It is beyond belief really. They are just going to sell it for scrap metal, I would have given them the money for it instead.”

The ramp helps Rachel’s 13 year old daughter who is non verbal, leave and enter her house to go to school everyday.

“We would have managed to get her out of the house without it, but it would not have been easy. I am disgusted at how low people can sink, It really defies belief.”

After posting the news on social media about the theft, local builder Gary Foss stepped up to the mark and went round first thing Monday morning to provide Rachel and her daughter with a make shift ramp until a new one was sent. However, yesterday neighbours stopped the silver Ford Transit van caught on CCTV and identified the man seen and confronted him, making him return the ramp.

“I hope he does not do this to anyone else. There maybe disabled people living alone that might not be able to leave their house if this happens to them. It really is disgusting.”

CCTV inages of the man seen taking the ramp and his silver Ford Transit van.

One thought on “Disabled girl’s wheelchair ramp stolen from her house returned by neighbour who challenges thief.

  • 27th April 2021 at 5:36 pm

    Wonder what the police have to say as this has been getting worse for years. This time a number plate and picture of the thief yet a member of the public found him first


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