Plain clothes officers could be patrolling nightclubs and pubs in new move to protect women.


Following the murder of 33 year old Sarah Everard ministers met yesterday as part of the Criminal Justice Taskforce in Westminster to discuss ways to protect women from preditors.

Sarah’s murder has shocked the country with endless ripples being felt not just here in London but all across the nation. Protests have been seen on Parliament Square with women uniting in solidarity and demanding to be able to walk our streets in safety.

Senior Members of the Government that included the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Home Secretary Priti Patel gathered with senior police officers to discuss measures.

Plans include plain clothes police officers patrolling nightclubs and bars, greater use of CCTV and the providing of better lighting to make women feel safer as they walk home.

The Government has also stated that it will double its Safer Streets fund which provides the above facilities.

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