VIDEO: A march for Arch.

Yesterday the Havering Daily and members from the anti knife crime charity Take A Knife Save A Life joined other anti knife crime campaigners on a special march for Archie Beston.

The march in south west London was organised by Archie’s mum Becky a year after her 19 year old son was murdered at Castelnau Recreation ground. Now, Becky is calling for an automatic five year sentence for anyone carrying a knife.

She told the Havering Daily; “Carrying a knife should mean an automatic five year sentence and killing with the knife should mean life.”

Archie was murdered by 20 year old Tyron Bryan who already had two previous knife convictions and yet only got manslaughter for killing 19 year old Archie.

Parents across the country are losing their children to knife crime daily and shouting to all those in authority to do something to stop this pandemic on our streets.

Archie’s mum and event organiser Becky.
Taksal Co-ordinators Dave Kirk and Robert Dean supporting the event.

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