Rough sleeping 20% higher in Redbridge after a decade of Tory government.

Rough sleeping has increased 20% in Redbridge since the Tories came into power; new analysis shows. 

New figures on rough sleeping showed an increase the number of people sleeping in parks, doorways and streets in Redbridge by 50% over the last year, alone.  

Across London as a whole, homelessness has increased by a shocking 72% since 2010.  

The wider picture on homelessness is even bleaker. Since the start of the pandemic 130,000 people have been made homeless across England. 

Judith Garfield, Labour Candidate for Havering and Redbridge at the upcoming London Assembly election said:  

“Since 2010, the Tories have made work more insecure and made it increasingly difficult for people to access support. The government must step up and make good on its promise to end rough sleeping for good. Nobody should be sleeping on the streets, especially during a deadly pandemic.

“I am absolutely disheartened by these figures that reveal the extent of homelessness in our community. Every person should have a roof over their heads and, if elected to the London Assembly, I will use my voice to call for more affordable housing across this city and for a plan to move people off the streets and into the safety of a home”. 

·       Today’s figures can be found here: 

·       Annual rough sleeping figures are an underestimation of the true picture. The snapshot for London shows 714 people, but the more reliable CHAIN figures over the same period show there are 3,307 rough sleepers in London: 

·       Rough sleeping is up 52% on 2010: 

·       The Museum of Homelessness found this week that almost 1 000 homeless people died across the UK in 2020 

·       More than 70,000 households across the UK have been made homeless since the start of the pandemic 

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