‘Pure devastation’ as trees cut down in wildlife haven in Harold Hill.

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Members of Deer Aid in Harold Hill and local residents who use the picturesque Manor are heartbroken to watch tree after tree being felled to open up the path and push the deer further and further back and in the process destroying more wildlife that we should be saving and not brutally killing off.

On Saturday 20th of February members of the Havering Daily joined Deer Aid on a walk about along Dagnam Park to see the work being carried out for our selves. In the video below you can see just how many trees have been cut down to make a path along the way to the very bottom of the park. As a result of this, the wildlife in the area have no food and are being forced further and further back.

Jan Sargent told the Havering Daily: “Beautiful old Hawthorn trees have just been cut down to provide access for the diggers. It’s just horrendous the amount of wildlife that has been destroyed. It will take years and years to replace damage like this. So many other trees have been marked to come down to allow public access to the back fields which we fought so hard to save on our Save the Manor campaign.

“We are so passionate about this area, our park and its amazing wildlife. We are at the point where we are too upset to even come up here and see this pure devastation. We don’t need public access to this area, the park is 345 acres, please lets share it with the wildlife.”

Residents who use this stunning park are angry and upset and do not want their trees and wildlife destroyed.

One local resident who walks across the Manor everyday told the Havering Daily: “This is our park, you have no right to come here and destroy our wildlife and our trees, our planet needs trees and our wildlife, it does not need diggers and more concrete.”

The trees being cut in Dagnam Park destroying the wildlife.

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