Residents angry as their streets turned into car dumping grounds.

Residents in South Hornchurch are angry and fed up that their drive ways and streets have been turned into a car dumping ground by nearby companies. Locals living along New Road in South Hornchurch are fed up with the continuous amount of cars being literally dumped all along their road making it a nightmare for them to not only drive down their own road, but to also park their own cars in their drives.

Leading the campaign to put an end to this nightmare is local resident Ross Elliott who has been working with other local residents in the area to highlight this issue that has blighted this road for months now.

Fed up resident Ross told the Havering Daily: “Local councillors in this area and myself have been working on this issue and have been constantly contacted by residents complaining about cars taking up the limited car parking places. Most of these cars, some of whom are not fully taxed, MOT’d or insured, are ‘dumped’ in the streets north of New Road, by the workshops along here.”

He added, “It has been a problem for some time now, however, since the announcement the area will be developed over the next few years, it seems some companies have thrown caution to the wind and park vehicles along the roads with no concern for locals. Something still needs to be done to stop this as New Road has become a total nightmare.”

South Hornchurch Councillor Graham Williamson said “Some of these cars are left in side streets for months, and despite parking fines being handed out when possible, nothing seems to stop them! Something needs to be done”.

Gerry Mansfield who lives nearby on Spencer Road, told the Havering Daily: “We have an ongoing overflow of cars from compaines along the A1306. We have had a catering van with a trailer attached parked here for nearly a year now that has not been moved. It takes up three parking spaces.

“It’s ridiculous we have cars bought and sold outside our own doorsteps, neighbours are getting summons for cars they don’t even own! A lot of the cars don’t have MOT, most are left for months on end without moving. It’s terrible.”


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