Cranham teenager runs marathon on local streets to raise money for charity.

A teenager from Cranham has run a marathon along his local streets to raise money for Parkinson’s. 13 year old Liam Drury who lives on the Cathedral estate decided he wanted to help the charity and took it upon himself to put on his running shoes and despite the cold weather, run just over eight kilometres a day.

13 year old Liam.

Lucy his mum, told the Havering Daily: “He isn’t really a runner, at school he runs five kilometres and that’s the most he normally does but he is a fit teenager as plays a lot of football.”

The 13 year old plays for Colchester United and it his grandad Andy that brings him to every training session and game and proudly supports his grandson. Sadly, Andy was diagnosed with Parkinson’s a few years ago and it was him that inspired Liam to help raise money for this charity.

Lucy continued: “He set himself this marathon as a goal. He watched a documentary on the Parkinson’s charity and how they are struggling to raise funds because of Covid, so took it upon himself to do something to help them raise much needed money.”

Liam ran the marathon over five days, running just over eight kilometres a day.

Liam in action running just over 8 kilometres a day.

Sadly, due to the third lockdown, Liam cannot currently see his grandad and is really struggling without him. Lucy added: “It is really difficult for him at the moment not being able to see his grandad. It affects children’s mental health as well. He is used to see his grandad everyday and now he can’t.

Liam and his grandad Andy.

“Everyone on the estate has been very positive and has come out to clap him as he goes by each day. His teachers at Coopers have been brilliant and have all donated to his fund.”

Liam is an amazing young man who has raised over £800 for the Parkinson’s charity, well done Liam!

If you would like to donate to Liam’s appeal, please see the link below.

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