Havering to be in tier 2.

Greater London including Havering will be in Tier 2 when the second lock down finishes next week. The Tier level system had been announced earlier in the week by the Prime Minister to ease us out of the current restrictions that we are in.

Havering has seen some of the highest infection rates across the south east and is now facing Tier 2 restrictions.

Havering’s Leader of the Council told the Havering Daily. “With our case numbers and infection rates being so high, it is right that we do not throw away the progress we have made so far and all the sacrifices we have made over the last few weeks. Infection rates in Havering are the highest in the south east and this highlights that there is more that needs to be done and I would like to thank all the residents for their sacrifices that they have made. Tier two is right for London and we must do everything possible to save lives and stop this terrible pandemic.”

Tier 2 means that people from different backgrounds will not be allowed to mix indoors and the six rule applies to outdoors.

Restaurants and pubs will still have to stop taking orders by 10pm and will be returning to an 11pm closure.

London has been the centre of attention in regards to what Tier it would be in with many MP’s fearing the risk of economic havoc. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has recently been quoted saying that putting London into Tier 3 would have had ‘catastrophic’ results for its economy.

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