‘I had never heard the words I love you until I was 26 years old when my son told me’.

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An Essex lady who spent her childhood in care homes never knowing her parents has now become one of the most successful life coaches in the country.

Anne-Marie Wickham has dedicated her life helping others find their right path and guiding them forward to leading the life they want.

Anne-Marie works with people from all backgrounds with a variety of different issues including low self-esteem that leads to many problems including eating disorders. Yet Anne-Marie had to overcome many demons herself to make it where she is now. Hers really is a story of how your own inner strength and determination to turn your life around, makes you successful.

Anne-Marie was placed in care at the age of just two years old never knowing her parents. By the age of 14 years old she had been to 17 different care homes one in which she was sexually abused.

She married, moved to Germany with her husband and had three children, however things did not work out for her and her husband and Anne-Marie was desperate to move back to the UK.

She told the Havering Daily: “I wanted to come back to England but had no money and no family. Luckily someone I knew had offered to pay for myself and my three children to return to Essex.”

Anne-Marie began her journey back to Essex at 7 in the morning and by 5.25pm she was at Brentwood Social Services looking for a place to stay with her children.

“When I arrived I said to the lady behind the desk that I needed a place to stay as I had no where to go with my family. She looked at me and said it’s 5.25pm what am I supposed to do? So I replied can I have your car key please? Of which she responded why do you want my keys? I then informed her I would be sleeping there the night as had nowhere to go with my family and it was then that she realised the seriousness of my situation.”

It was at this point in her life that Anne-Marie began to turn her life around. She got herself a job she studied at night and got herself a degree in Child Psychology as she knew she wanted to help children.


“I had to create a new life for myself and I knew that I wanted to help children as I never want any child to go through what I went through,” she said.

Anne-Marie became a nursery manager working with children and spending long hours dedicating her life to helping children. Yet she knew she could do more.

“I had a dream in my heart where I knew I wanted to help children and adults really make something of their lives. Being a nursery manager is a great job but I wanted to do more, plus I was working very long hours and my son was starting to get into trouble at school.”

At this point Anne-Marie trained to be a Clincal Hypnotherapist and life coach.

“I changed my life. It was a necessity for me, I wasn’t going to stop at anything. I knew I had to work on myself, I had a lot demons there I had to remove.

“Now I help others on their journey. You have to work on yourself and give yourself that commitment.”

Now Anne-Marie is one of the most successful life coaches in the country and also a radio broadcaster for Well Being radio. co. uk where she runs a shoe called ‘Be You limitless. The show focuses on personal development from every angle from parenting, self love to self confidence.

The amazing Anne-Marie.

Anne-Marie’s story is one of hope. One of how inner strength and determination brings you success despite the tough hand you were dealt.

“I had never heard the words I love you until I was 26 years old when my son said them to me”.

Now on her trips to London Anne-Marie will take her time to hug homeless people to show them that there are others out there who care and her amazing big heart will stop at nothing to support others.

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