The Shoe Store- a shoe addict’s dream!

For all of you shoe addicts and I have to admit I certainly am one, the place to be is the Shoe Store at the Mercury Mall in Romford.

The shop has some truly amazing and unique shoes that cater for all ages and all sizes. It is a local shop at the heart of our community that prides itself in catering for all and giving all its customers that personal touch.

Christina and some of the store’s amazing trainers.

It has been running for fifteen years at the heart of the community in the Mercury Mall.

Local lady Christina who works at the store told the Havering Daily : “We are quite a unique store as we hold a lot of stock that no other stores hold.

“We cater for both the young and the old and always provide that personal touch for our customers.”

The shop holds a huge variety of different stock that definitely impresses it’s clientele.

Some of the shoes available.

Christina added: “It really is a great store to work in. Our customers are really nice and I get to interact with them everyday. Plus I love shoes and have bought many pairs myself!”

The Shoe Store is at the ground floor of the Mercury Mall.

The Shoe Store at the Mercury Mall in Romford.

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