Sweet Dreams for Gripping Yarns and Give-Get-Go.

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Local film director, producer and writer Tony Klinger will soon be producing a new film.

Mr Klinger, whose father produced ‘Get Carter’ the 60’s cult film has announced his participation in this new venture.

It was announced today that Gripping Yarns have entered into a co-production deal with Give-Get-Go to make their film, “Sweet Dreams” next year in London.

Sen Monro, the writer of Sweet Dreams and founder of Gripping Yarns said, “As soon as I spoke with Tony Klinger from Give-Get-Go I was planning how I could get him on board our production.” He added, “Tony agreed to executive produce the film and more important than that I found a new friend and ally with tremendous knowledge and huge experience.”

“Sweet Dreams” is a modern romantic comedy with a very timely, humorous, devastating sideswipe at racism. It takes the view that all racists are idiots but situations and people can be fixed. “You’re left asking the question is everything you see real or was it a dream?” added Paul Greenwood of Gripping Yarns. “You might cry just a bit when you see some of the situations but this will be a feel good, funny film.”

When asked for his reaction Klinger added, “The enthusiasm, energy and talent of Sen, and his business partner, Paul, made their approach irresistible. I loved the project straight away and the team behind it is really impressive. I think that people are going to fall in love with this movie, and they’re going to have a good laugh, what a great combination!” 

Expect further announcements regarding cast and other details in the New Year with production slated for mid 2021 and delivery around Christmas.

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