A south Hornchurch community hero.

Trevor McKeever is a community man. Since retiring from the London Fire Service Trevor has dedicated his time supporting the south Hornchurch community. He is a well respected man who is always there to support others and the community he has lived in all his life.

Trevor moved to Elm Park at the age of 9 years old and has lived there ever since. He joined the London Fire Service early in his life and spent 17 years in Hackney, then 13 years in Hornchurch as deputy in charge of the station.

Working as a firefighter Trevor has dealt with some of the most challenging circumstances our country has had to deal with including the 7/7 terror attacks in 2005. He is used to dealing with dangerous situations and does not shy from risking his own life to save others. He, like all emergency service members, is a very brave man.

Now Trevor being Trevor did not just retire and kick his feet up but instead chose to spend his time helping others in Elm Park and South Hornchurch with any issues they have.

He sits on two local police wards and is the Health and Safety advisor for the Mardyke Community Centre.

Trevor will soon be running as a local Labour councillor for the south of the borough where he is a very well known and respected man.

He told the Havering Daily: “I’ve always been involved with the Labour Party. They represent my views and Jon Cruddas our local MP has always done a lot to support the Fire Service.

“Helping the community is something I really enjoy doing. There are changes I would like to see to this borough. I don’t believe housing in Havering is being done correctly. There needs to be more affordable housing in the area for our children. Some of the new places being built in south Hornchurch are going to be selling for half a million, how are our children ever going to afford that?

“I would also like to see unity in the community and not the difference there currently is between the north and the south of the borough. The north seems to get more funding than we do, yet we all pay the same taxes.”

During the recent lockdown Trevor was one of the co-ordinators on the Havering Mutal Aid Covid 19 Facebook page. He played a huge part in the community getting shopping, running errands and generally supporting residents in Havering as much as he could.

If you know Trevor then you know what a key role this man plays in our community and just how well respected he really is.

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